What is the Maori tattoo style?

Each Polynesian island has its own styles of tattooing making it a truly unique experience. Modern or traditional styles make up this style, using flowers, faces, figures, animals, and abstract shapes. 

Depending on style it may be bold, black abstract and figurative designs or fine line high detail, single needle outlines, designs that concentrate more on symbolism or overall design. Usually done with a tattoo machine or by wooden sticks, which is a traditional hand tapped tattoo.

This style is used to express identity, personality, one’s society status, hierarchy, and sexual maturity. Polynesian tribe tattoo styles symbolized traditions, legends and religious beliefs.

Maori art is from the indigenous people of New Zealand, known for their use of extensive body markings to represent cultural identity and status. Samoan art is generally made up of the geometric patterns that are based on ancient designs, and often denote rank and status.


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